Pork Wrap

Pork Wrap February 13

no pdf Download PDF The pork cutout marched higher this week, adding a little over $4 from Friday to Friday. The negotiated market kept pace with the NDD market adding $4 also. That means packer margins remained intact¡ªnow near $27/hd. As long as the cutout is rising, I¡¯m guessing that packers won¡¯t mind similar gains …

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Pork Wrap February 6

no pdf Download PDF Last week I said that I was looking for the pork cutout to retreat modestly over the next two weeks. It didn¡¯t happen. On a weekly average basis, the cutout was up slightly ($0.20). What¡¯s more, the cutout actually improved as the week wore on, averaging $85 over Thursday and Friday. …

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Pork Wrap Jan 30

Download PDF Last week I said that we should watch the pork cutout this week for signs that it would buckle under the weight of large production. It didn¡¯t. The cutout added almost $3 this week (weekly average basis) and this happened on the heels of a 2.75 million head kill the week before. So, …

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Pork Wrap Jan 16

Download PDF Cash hogs were a little lower on the week, with the NDD negotiated market off $2.22 Friday-to-Friday. The WCB however, was up $0.72 this week. Ifve noticed that the regional hog prices and the national hog price have been really disjointed since the first of the year when USDA went to putting all …

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Pork Wrap Wrap Jan 9

Download PDF The first week of 2021 was rather quiet for the hog and pork complex. The cutout added a little over $2.40 on the week and the WCB cash market was up $2.74. So, things were generally moving higher, except for the spot Feb futures which lost over $1.50 on the week. Feb had …

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Pork Wrap December 19

No pdf Download PDF The pricing situation in the hog and pork complex is growing weaker. The cutout dropped over $8 Friday-to-Friday and the WCB negotiated market lost a little over $3. In this market, so much is driven by the cutout that it makes sense to put a lot of effort into understanding where …

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Pork Wrap December 14

The negotiated hog markets continued to leak a little lower, with the NDD cash market down $2.37 Friday-to-Friday, but on a weekly average basis it was just $1.59 lower.

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