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market intelligence, risk modelling and supply chain solutions for the meat and livestock industry

With over 30 years in the meat and livestock industry we combine our expertise in the derivatives markets with our knowledge of risk modelling and econometrics to help our clients actively manage their meat procurement.

Our objectives are simple:

  • to inform meat and livestock professionals about what is going on in the markets through our market intelligence services;
  • to enable partners with tools and advice to help manage risk; and
  • to facilitate optimal and efficient supply chains so you get the meat you want, when you want it.

Our services are grounded in our 4 C’s of customer experience


We offer options that others don’t.​
Leverage our expertise across the supply chain. Whether it’s meat trading, logistics, distribution, cross-hedging or other risk management strategies, we provide the options you need to manage your supply chain.


Put our experience to work for you.
Our combination of expertise and intuition is backed by 30 years in meat and livestock markets, risk modelling and analytics. We can help you see two steps ahead to better navigate uncertain markets.


Make better decisions.
Our end-to-end view of the meat and livestock supply chain, combined with leading edge data and technology, gives you the information you need to confidently manage your margins.


Time matters - to you, the markets and us.
Our innovative data and technology solutions increase transparency and access to key market intel to help you make better business decisions, more quickly and with ease.

Trust The Experts That Know The Markets

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