Meat & Livestock Risk Management

We turn market data into answers for your risk management strategies.

From weather systems that impact crops or pests and diseases afflicting herds, our team understands the impacts to ebbs and flows in the meat and livestock market. We combine advanced, responsive modelling with deep expertise in both econometrics and protein supply chain management. The result? Proprietary and customized procurement and risk management solutions for clients. Our data analysts and statisticians rely on advanced modelling and real time pricing to bring our clients greater pricing transparency and expert intel on meat and livestock market movement and future outlooks. Regardless of where you land in the supply chain, we create customized procurement, risk management, and marketing solutions to help you manage your margins.

Margin Management

Solutions Include:

  • Forward fixed rate contracting
  • Help with formula pricing
  • Development of risk management policies
  • Freezer programs

Custom Risk Management Strategies

We work with your team to understand your business and can discuss a multitude of strategies to gain supply, pricing or margin control.

Price Transparency

Margin Management

Supply Clarity

Period/Time Control

Ready to take control of your risk?

Let us help you gain more confidence with one of our custom risk management solutions.
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