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Meat procurement and logistics specialists.

Make smarter procurement and logistics decisions to grow your business

J.S. Ferraro is your Grade ‘A’ merchandising and protein logistics partner. Our protein procurement specialists provide a complete solution, combining superior market intelligence and speculative expertise, with innovative distribution and merchandising solutions to handle your meat specifications, merchandising and pricing needs.

Meat Procurement Solutions

Protein Mix Planning & Procurement

Optimize your protein logistics, planning and mix. We stay ahead of the trends to help you select the best cuts for your business with results that go straight to your bottom line.


We understand the physical protein market and excel at matching buyers and sellers to make smart margin decisions, moving meat based on market opportunities.

Distribution & Fulfillment

Take advantage of just-on-time materials flow. Whether you want to grow your capacity or add flexibility, outsource your protein logistics and management to our ready and capable team.

Best Of Breed Meats

Select the best brands and carve out the right margins for your business. Whether you’re looking for beef, pork or poultry, we will help you find a merchandise mix to manage pricing, meet margins – and ensure you deliver great meat to your customers every day.

Access Quality And Variety

Take the headache out of your supply chain by using the experts at J.S. Ferraro.


Volume Trading

Merchandise Expertise & Planning

Automated Product Offers

Outsource Storage

Just In Time Delivery

Looking for The Best Cuts to Buy for your customers?

Our Account Managers are meat experts, let’s connect and help you move meat.

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