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We are private trading firm within the agriculture and meat protein space. We help our clients navigate the markets and reduce their risk. Our expertise and custom solutions ensure our clients lead the herd and maximize their margins.

Red Meat Outlook

Monthly reports on the U.S. meat & livestock markets – movement, pricing and forecasts – by industry expert, Dr. Rob Murphy, BS, MS, PhD Agri economics, EVP Research & Analysis at J.S. Ferraro & Co. Available in English, French and Spanish.

Big Picture Market Outlook

Quarterly webinars co-hosted by Dr. Rob Murphy and Kevin Grier, with special guest speakers. Get in-depth reports on the trends affecting the North American meat & livestock markets, and updates on supply, demand and price forecasts.


The people behind J.S. Ferraro & Company

At the heart of any great organization are its people, and at J.S. Ferraro & Company we are no different. Our greatest asset is our team defined by insight, experience and expertise. We are passionate about the agricultural markets, and committed to meet the needs of our clients.

Expert insights on meat and livestock

JSF Market Intelligence provides subscribers with access to critical market analysis, expert opinions and timely market information that aide in making more informed business decisions.