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We provide timely industry information for organizations and associations across three categories – Market Outlooks & Forecasts, Data & Risk Management and Economics, Hedging & Swaps – through our consulting, workshops and keynote engagements. Our expert analysts provide shrewd perspective and insights to help your audience navigate the ins and outs of the North American meat and livestock markets. Whether you’re a novice looking to expand your knowledge base or a savvy meat professional, our meat and livestock consultants can succinctly deliver to a range of knowledge levels across a variety of topics.

Market Outlooks & Forecasts

Forecasting Productions & Prices

Learn how to build commodity purchasing programs.

US Meat and Livestock Market Outlooks

Get a data-driven approach to understanding the current state of markets and projections.

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Data & Risk Management

Interested in learning more?

Our meat and livestock consultants can provide education and insight on a variety of topics. Download our topics overview for more details.

Agricultural Data Management

Learn how to best structure your systems to access and manage the data you need.

Risk Management & Value-at-Risk

Understand the various methods of measuring commodity price risk.

Best Practices in Commodity Risk Management

Gain insight into how to properly structure a commodity risk management program.

Economics, Hedging & Swaps

Agriculture Supply Chain Economics

Understand the economic drivers that propel decisions at each stage of the supply chain and the tools to monitor them.

Commodity Hedging

Access training in the basics of hedging with commodity futures and options.

Commodity Swaps

Learn how to hedge with specific instruments custom-tailored to your exposure.

Make Smarter Procurement Decisions

Our market experts lead the industry in commodity analysis, financial modelling and developing trading and risk management strategies.

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