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For over 30 years, J.S. Ferraro has been a leader in meat distribution and livestock markets.

We are pioneering the future of meat and livestock risk management, helping farmers, retailers, processors and HRSIs get an end-to-end view of their supply chain to handle market uncertainty with confidence. Our services include:

Market Intelligence

Risk Management

Meat Procurement


Our complimentary market intelligence service provides critical market analysis, expert opinions and timely market information to help you make more informed business decisions.

Latest Beef &
Cattle RMO

Cattle and Beef Market Analysis

Cash prices in the Northern regions are running $10/cwt over those in the Southern feeding areas. Read more in our July Red Meat Outlook, available now!


Big Picture Market Outlook Webinars

Access Digital Recordings Now

Join industry experts Dr. Rob Murphy and Kevin Grier as they go in-depth on market trends affecting the meat and livestock industry. Digital recordings now available.


Latest Hogs &
Pork RMO

Hogs & Pork Market Analysis

Hog slaughter should slowly increase
going forward and could reach 2.5 million head per week by the end of August. Read more in our July Red Meat Outlook, available now!


Leverage Our Meat & Livestock Markets Experience For Your Success

Protein Mix Planning & Procurement

Helping you select the best cuts for your business and for your bottom line.

Logistics & Distribution

Outsource your protein logistics and management and take advantage of just-on-time materials flow.

Market Outlooks & Forecasts

A data-driven approach to understanding the current state of markets and projections.


We watch for market opportunities that maximize margin, matching buyers and sellers to move meat.

Forward Pricing

Forward fixed rate pricing options for meat procurement to manage your margins.


Workshops and keynotes that provide timely industry information for organizations and associations.

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