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Ripe for Change: Retail Ready Foods Inc. Becomes J.S. Ferraro

The Story Behind the Name

Retail Ready Foods Inc. becomes J.S. Ferraro Canada.

Toronto, ON, January 15, 2020  – We are pleased to announce the rebranding of Retail Ready Foods Inc. to J.S. Ferraro Canada (J.S. Ferraro).  We have aligned our business divisions under the J.S. Ferraro banner as we prepare for future growth and opportunities in the market. This change has come at an opportune time, as volatility in meat markets rises and meat professionals seek more sophisticated ways to manage their risk and supply chains.

It has been over three decades since meat and livestock visionary, John Ferraro, founded Retail Ready Foods Inc.. From humble beginnings servicing independent retailers the company has grown to service VAPs (value added processors), HRIs (hospitality, restaurant and institutions), and major retail chains across North and South America. During that time, we concentrated on meat and livestock markets and focused on studying supply chains. We successfully launched two major national brands, 44th Street and LiberTerre Meat company. We created sophisticated analytical models and patented a process for predicting forward prices of meat cuts. Today, we continue to leverage our learnings which are the building blocks for our risk management strategies.

Supply chains are changing, the food industry is under dramatic transformation. Every aspect of the supply chain is being impacted by new technology. From alternative plant and cell-based proteins to redefining how we forecast demand, transact, move and store our products. The time is ripe for change.

“For the past two decades, we perfected our understanding of forward pricing relationships between livestock and meat markets through data collection, analysis and quantitative modeling. The core competencies of our respective business units paves a clear advantage as a global leader in market intelligence, risk management, and supply chain solutions for the meat and livestock industry,” says Alexander Cave, current President & CEO.

J.S Ferraro is working to re-empower meat and livestock professionals by facilitating price transparency and optimizing supply chains.

“We want to leverage the legacy our founder John Ferraro has built. Reuniting our business units under one banner allows us to speak with one voice in market and deliver sustainable competitive advantage to our customers. We think his name stands for: expertise, integrity and accountability and we want to build on that legacy for the next 30 years”, says Cave.

There are several key growth areas for JSF in 2020 and beyond:

  • Delivering industry leading market intelligence through our reports, alerts, webinars and speaking engagements;
  • Building comprehensive risk management strategies for large scale users of meat protein; and
  • Using technology to drive efficiency in meat protein supply chains.

Under our new name, J.S. Ferraro will provide key services from our different business units:

  • Market Intelligence;
  • Risk Management;
  • Supply Chain Management and
  • Consulting & Speaking.

With recent investments in the market intelligence business, data and analytics team, the company is poised to successfully pivot the business to an agri risk management firm of the future!


Founded by John Ferraro, this group of companies has grown under his stewardship over the last 30 years. From farm to fork, these companies span protein trading, fulfillment and distribution, food production (LiberTerre Meats), and risk management bringing economies of scale, price visibility and product opportunities to their clients. They have been involved with launching brands like 44th Street, and the LiberTerre Meat Company.  Headquartered in Toronto, ON, with offices across North America, J.S. Ferraro is a global leader in risk management, market intelligence and distribution & trading for the (meat) protein industry.

J.S. Ferraro  | LiberTerre                                                                                                                          www.jsferraro.com

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SOURCE: J.S. Ferraro Canada

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