COVID-19 Preparedness for the Meat & Livestock Markets

How J.S. Ferraro is helping client partners prepare for the COVID-19 business environment

TORONTO, ON, February 27, 2020: With the increasing media coverage about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), J.S. Ferraro is reaching out to client partners to talk about how to prepare for the COVID environment and to outline the steps J.S. Ferraro has taken to maintain continuity of service while delivering value for clients through this challenging time.

With the World Health Organization (WHO) issuing virus infection statistics almost daily and working closely with global stakeholders, it is clear that there is a shift away from COVID containment and towards preparedness.
In the short-term, it is clear that open discussion and collaboration will be of central importance to navigate this period. Here is a list of suggestions to help our client partners prepare:

  1. Provide as much advance notice as possible: Knowing your needs in advance will help us prepare and stock the products you require.
  2. Maintain open dialogue with your sales team members: While it may be difficult to anticipate how consumer preferences may shift through this challenge, it is critical that we maintain dialogue. We have been working diligently to identify opportunities, and a conversation to discuss options for you with one of our sales team members is a good place to start.
  3. Demand for Prepackaged Products will likely increase: Given market conditions, we believe that prepackaged/vac packed products will outperform, as will freezable, easy to prepare items. We also expect some consumption shift from Food Service into Retail distribution may occur, which may result in some pricing opportunities in some of the more traditional food service cuts in the mid-term.

CEO Alexander Cave remains committed to minimizing disruption: “We have seen how quarantines affects the general population as consumers scramble to stockpile food. We want to continue to develop strong client partnerships to help them proactively navigate these changing market conditions. We will do our best to keep client partners informed on markets as the situation continues to develop.”


J.S. Ferraro offers risk management, meat procurement and supply chain services along with market intelligence resources to help retailers, food service providers and value-added processors get an end-to-end view of their supply chain and handle market uncertainty with confidence.

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